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The Mount Zion Scholarship Ministry mourns the passing of our dear member, Mrs. Louise Jones McKinney. When she joined the Scholarship Committee more than thirty years ago, and later became the Chairperson, she brought a new dedication and passion to raising scholarship funds and recognizing academic achievement for high school graduates and continuing education students. While some of us had only dreamed of the day when the church could give at least $50,000 to Mount Zion students, Mrs. McKinney made it happen. She solicited funds at church, outside of church and from anyone she thought might listen and help. One year we were able to donate more than $70,000 to high school and college students. She was also instrumental in initiating the investment of scholarship funds with the Seattle Foundation. The goal was to use the interest from those funds to fully fund one student through four years of college. We will continue to strive towards that goal. The Scholarship Ministry will miss Mrs. McKinney’s enthusiasm and tireless energy. We are grateful for her love of education and scholarship.

Mount Zion Scholarship Ministry

The Scholarship Ministry awards scholarships and grants-in-aid to graduating high school seniors, college and graduate students. Awards range from $500 to full four-year college scholarships. For information about this ministry please contact the ministry at or at the following numbers: church at (206) 322-6500, Christine Jordan-Bell (425) 357-8929 or Linda Skoe-Henry (425) 868-8591.


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Support the fundraising efforts of Mount Zion Scholarship Ministry by purchasing art from the ministry’s collection. Contact either of the co-chairs to arrange a viewing of the art.


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