Reverend Archie Pinkney
Associate Minister
(206) 322-6500

Paths to the ministry are often unexpected. Though he had intended to attend Colgate Rochester Divinity School in Rochester, New York, Reverend Archie Jonathan Pinkney’s training plans changed when he lost his thumb in a motorcycle accident. With considerable training in computer programming and system engineering development, Reverend Pinkney became a programmer for a Department of Defense contractor in the Dallas area. Having taught in a junior college, he was hired by Microsoft to train their support staff. He and his wife, Rose, joined Mount Zion Baptist Church.

After making a commitment to Mount Zion to finish his seminary studies, Reverend lost sight in his left eye. Reverend Pinkney says, “One might think God was saying “No, I didn’t call you!” A mentor reminded me that Hebrews 11 explains that every Biblical hero had to face obstacles. My passion is listening to God speak through the Bible and sharing God’s words with others through preaching, teaching, and witnessing.”

In 2005, Reverend Pinkney received his Master of Divinity from Fuller Theological Seminary Northwest in Seattle, Washington.

My Credo - Submitted to the Evergreen Baptist Association, April 2005


52-Week Bible Reading Plan by Rev. Archie J. & Mrs. Rose M. Pinkney