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Mount Zion Baptist Church Scholarship Ministry

The Mount Zion Baptist Church  Scholarship Ministry supports the educational needs of our students who are pursuing degrees and certificates that lead to successful careers. We work year round to raise funds that will allow us to support all of our eligible students. Your support of the Mount Zion Baptist Church Scholarship Ministry means you are supporting the dreams of our students. Contact us to learn how you can help. Scholarship@mountzionseattle.org


For more than 30 years the late Louise McKinney, former First Lady of our church, brought dedication and passion to raising scholarship funds and recognizing academic achievement for high school graduates and continuing education students. While some of us had only dreamed of the day when the church could give at least $50,000 to Mount Zion students, Mrs. McKinney made it happen. She solicited funds at church, outside of church and from anyone she thought might listen and help.

Mrs. McKinney was a longtime educator who believed that all children were capable of learning, no matter their station in life. As a teacher and later principal at a number of Seattle schools, she prodded and nudged institutions to do right by kids — especially African-American youth — and established scholarships to ensure that the brightest among them got a fair shot. Out of this commitment, the Mount Zion Scholarship Fund remains strong today.

Your investment in education goes a long way

As the cost of a college education rises, so does the need for donations.